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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
|> | - power off does't work
|> Power off broken was told before Christmas, but when I tested it here
|> reboot command worked fine.  Is it shutdown -h that is broken?  Is it
|> broken for everyone Android or not?
| I think that a correct power off is obtained by register the
| pm_power_off function.
| This function must if I have a good u-boot source must write 0x1 using the
| pcf50633_reg_write(PCF50633_REG_OOCSHDWN, 0x01);
| So I saw there is a i2c pcf50633 driver chips. I don't know why it is
| not active,
| maybe because it don't compile? So if I provide this function the halt
| sequence
| must be work. It is correct?

That's right.  Somewhere along the regulator changes it looks like we
lost this?  There's still code in drivers/i2c/chips/pcf50633.c

/* go into 'STANDBY' mode, i.e. power off the main CPU and peripherals */
void pcf50633_go_standby(struct pcf50633_data *pcf)
~        pcf50633_reg_set_bit_mask(pcf, PCF50633_REG_OOCSHDWN,
~                  PCF50633_OOCSHDWN_GOSTDBY, PCF50633_OOCSHDWN_GOSTDBY);

but the main usage of it says

~       /* register power off handler with core power management */
~        /* FIXME : pm_power_off = &pcf50633_go_standby; */

Balaji does this ring any bells from the regulator changes?

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