Android openmoko todo list

michael trimarchi at
Mon Jan 5 16:03:37 CET 2009


Sean McNeil wrote:
> This code is not available to the public as yet. The owners are fully 
> committed to releasing it, but GPRS support is a major issue that is 
> holding back its release. Hopefully it won't be too much longer.
> Sorry for making you wait to contribute. By the way, I've heard 
> mention of GSM being broken but no one has said how. It is fully 
> functional for at least myself. Can you explain what is not working? 
> The only thing I am aware of is providing the SIM PIN and SMS text 
> messages that span more than one text line. logcat dumps would help if 
> they are not related to either of those known issues.
> Sean
When it sends the AT+CPIN command. Ok, where can I move on my attention? 
Bluetooth? Do you have a patch
of the current ril-library or you provide a new code?


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