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Wed Jan 7 06:54:35 CET 2009

Hello Every Body,

Wish u very happy new Year.

I am still stucked in usb console in u-boot.

I implemented usb controller driver inside drivers/usb/ for s3c2440 from
open moko site and applied the changes in the u-boot required for
usbdcore_s3c2440.c.And in the udc_init() function i added the gpio
configuration as per usb device in my smdk2440 board.

But still the interrupt is not being generating yet when i am connecting the
cable from  host to target..According to open moko,they added a small piece
of code inside cpu/arm920t/interrupt.c  i.e

void s3c2440_irq(void)
        S3C24X0_INTERRUPT * irq = S3C24X0_GetBase_INTERRUPT();
        u_int32_t intpnd = irq->INTPND;
        if (intpnd & BIT_USBD) {
                irq->SRCPND = BIT_USBD;
                irq->INTPND = BIT_USBD;
#endif /* USB_DEVICE */

And calling the function inside include/common.h as

#define ARM920_IRQ_CALLBACK     s3c2440_irq

The "ARM920_IRQ_CALLBACK" macro is being called inside
cpu/arm920t/interrupts.c in do_irq() function as

#if defined (ARM920_IRQ_CALLBACK)

All the above i implemented ,but still i am not able to go next step.

So pls guide me further since m new to this usb

And one more question,did any body has done this usb console  wrt smdk2440?

Thanks in advance

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