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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
| Sean McNeil wrote:
|> Thanks Michael,
|> Yes, this is the "" around the PIN problem that has been addressed.
|> You could try the attached library to see if it works for you.
|> Sean
| Ok, I try it. I use the latest openmoko kernel, patched with the menu
| key only. I will start to test
| the bluetooth. I would like investigate the flickering problem too. Do
| have some information about this?

Sean told before that it's caused by "chvt" type switching when
something is written to the framebuffer console.  He "solved" this by
removing framebuffer console from his kernel config, but this is not a
satisfying solution when the same kernel binary is also targeting other
rootfs that don't have this issue and like to have a framebuffer console.

So it seems the solution for this is to identify the part that does the
switching action when something is written there and allow it to be

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