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Andy Green wrote:
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> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Hi,
> |
> | Sean McNeil wrote:
> |> Thanks Michael,
> |>
> |> Yes, this is the "" around the PIN problem that has been addressed.
> |> You could try the attached library to see if it works for you.
> |>
> |> Sean
> | Ok, I try it. I use the latest openmoko kernel, patched with the menu
> | key only. I will start to test
> | the bluetooth. I would like investigate the flickering problem too. Do
> | have some information about this?
> Sean told before that it's caused by "chvt" type switching when
> something is written to the framebuffer console.  He "solved" this by
> removing framebuffer console from his kernel config, but this is not a
> satisfying solution when the same kernel binary is also targeting other
> rootfs that don't have this issue and like to have a framebuffer console.
I remove the framebuffer console but I have the same problem :). I don't
activate the fbconsole two in the bootcmd line but I have the same problem.
> So it seems the solution for this is to identify the part that does the
> switching action when something is written there and allow it to be
> disabled.
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