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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Is the flickering constant or it happens erratically... if the image is
| replaced by something else, does the "something else" look like the
| framebuffer console?

|> When the system resume the display is switch on but the screen is fill
|> with beatiful
|> horizotal color line. I can see everything but seems that somenthing is
|> changed during
|> the fb renizialization. I don't find a screw for may hardware and I can
|> connect the debug board for
|> now.

Oh wow that's something quite different if I understood it.

Is the display in landscape when you suspended?

Somebody reported a similar situation a week or two ago but I couldn't
make any sense of it, since also he had correct framebuffer content in
one corner of it, it seemed like the framebuffer content itself had been
overwritten with the lines.  Is that what you mean when you say "I can
see everything but..."?

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