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Marcelo marcelo.magallon at
Wed Jan 7 16:36:11 CET 2009


 sorry about the late reply.

On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 5:07 AM, Andy Green <andy at> wrote:

> Marcelo, we should have Android stuff enabled and almost completely
> working in our gta02 configs down ./arch/arm/configs/, the only
> difference is that we leave up the framebuffer console.
> I'd really like to avoid having YAKB (Yet Another Kernel Binary)
> because when we consider the number of targets we will hopefully end
> up supporting, it's going to double the number of kernel binaries
> singlehanded.  And as you can see I dunno what to do if someone turns
> up asking why something is busted.

 I'm there with you :-)  I'm not happy about picking a random
 andy-tracking check out and using it as a basis for anything, but I
 haven't had the chance to investigate how Android supports kernel
 modules.  What I mean is that the userspace tools are there (insmod,
 rmmod) and they work, but Android itself doesn't seem to use them.  My
 hunch is that the closed part does use them.  Long story short,
 providing YAKB is just a stopgap.

> I don't particularly like having YAFFS (and Sean told it wasn't
> actually necessary) but if it is necessary I am willing to carry it as
> a local patch directly.

 I included it because it was requested.  I'll be very happy to remove
 it, and yes, you are right, it's not being used at the moment.

> ~ - Android should be able to coexist with framebuffer console, it
> seems we need some way to ask it not to switch away to last VC written
> to


> ~ - The menu patch can go in our tree directly if someone just adds
> some code to make it defeated by default but able to be enabled by the
> rootfs presumably down /sys, only Android would do that

 Ok, I see what you mean.

> If we can solve those we can really reduce your patchset down to
> nothing so stock kernels from here will do what you need.



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