Booting Linux Kernel on SMDK6410

Tarandeep Gill taran.iota at
Thu Jan 8 23:10:35 CET 2009


I am a Graduate Research Assistant in Georgia Tech (Atlanta, USA). I
have a prior little experience in Linux Kernel Hacking, and want to
learn more and contribute to the community in the process.

My current task is trying to boot a Linux Kernel on an SMDK6410 board.
I have compiled Qi for s3c6410 and successfully compiled a Linux
Kernel Image for s3c6410 that Ben Dooks has been working on. I also
burned the Qi bootloader and the kernel Image on an SD card. After
setting the SMDK6410 cfg switches/jumpers to make it boot from SD, I
tried booting it. But I do not know what to expect. The screen remains

Can somebody please guide me a little as to what should I do to
receive the ash prompt, as Andy Green declared in a previous email.

And I promise that, once I get started with it, I will start
contributing as well :)

Thanks and regards,

Tarandeep Gill

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