Booting Linux Kernel on SMDK6410

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hello,
| I am a Graduate Research Assistant in Georgia Tech (Atlanta, USA). I
| have a prior little experience in Linux Kernel Hacking, and want to
| learn more and contribute to the community in the process.
| My current task is trying to boot a Linux Kernel on an SMDK6410 board.
| I have compiled Qi for s3c6410 and successfully compiled a Linux

The idea of Qi is that there'd be one binary for all supported boards
using that CPU.  But with 6410 there's a problem, the same physical CPU
die with the same CPU ID number appears on at least two radically
different styles of PoP with different RAM that need configuring
differently.  And when I tried doing it first one way, checking for RAM
operation and then choosing the other way, that didn't work out either.

Since we're not using the SMDK any more I didn't spend any more time on
it, the two things to change are in ./src/cpu/s3c6410/start.S

#define S3C6410_POP_A 1  <--- 0 for SMDK

also you need to screw with the UART init to make it init port 0 IIRC.

The only clean way to solve this is going to be to split off an
s3c6410d, but then something needs to be done about the huge commonality
between that and the A one (basically just RAM init and UART init).

- -Andy
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