[PATCH 0/8] QI: make phase2.c easier to change

werner at openmoko.org werner at openmoko.org
Fri Jan 9 02:49:11 CET 2009

When looking for what needs to be changed to support zImages, I
realized that the current structure of phase2.c makes it quite
easy to introduce bugs.

This patch set first puts the body of the ~300 lines loop of
bootloader_second_phase into a new function try_this_kernel and
then breaks this function down into smaller pieces.

There's a little bit of other cleanup as well.

Andy, there are quite a number of whitespace inconsistencies or
deviations from K&R style, e.g., space between asterisk and pointer
name or absence of space after cast. If you'd like me to clean them
up, I'd be happy to send a patch.

There may also be a bug in how block device initialization
failures are handled. See patch 7/8.

I did some light testing and it seems that I haven't screwed up
completely :)

- Werner


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