[PATCH 1/4] introduce lp5521 driver from linux-omap repository

Matt Hsu matt_hsu at openmoko.org
Fri Jan 9 11:53:14 CET 2009

Mark Brown wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 09, 2009 at 02:25:42AM +0800, Matt Hsu wrote:
>>  drivers/i2c/chips/Kconfig  |    7 +
>>  drivers/i2c/chips/Makefile |    1 +
>>  drivers/i2c/chips/lp5521.c |  577 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
> This shouldn't be in drivers/i2c - either drivers/leds or drivers/misc
> if that's not suitable for some reason. 
Well, I had the same thought before. I didn't know why it's in i2c 
driver subsystem.
And I check its original git tree. It's still put in drivers/i2c directory.
So I just keep it as what it looks like originally.

>  Jean is currently trying to
> kick all the existing drivers out of drivers/i2c/chips.
In order to get upstream, maybe we should change it in the right place.


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