Kingston SDC4 don't work with OM2008.9's kernel

Andy Green andy at
Sun Jan 11 10:33:05 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> The status is telling there was a timeout error receiving data, but also
|> that the data is in fact ready.  This is what happens when the card
|> takes longer to come up with the payload than we can wait with Glamo.
|> When I have recovered from the trashing I did earlier to my stg tree for
|> the history branch :-(  I'll make a patch that treats this "timeout" and
|> "data ready" indication as a success and see if it helps.
|> - -Andy
| Hi Andy thanks for your patch, I'v compiled and tried the kernel with the
| patch and it works!

Ah great.

| This patch will be applied to the stable branch in future?

I have been leaving stable completely alone since it randomly found some
stability with suspend lately but I guess it is OK to backport this.

| Now my next step is to succeed in booting form the SD!
| When i try todo it i have this error:
|>> Wrong image format for bootm command
|>> ERROR can't get image kernel!

Is there any error before this?  Or is the kernel image file >2MBytes?

- -Andy

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