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Tue Jan 13 03:06:58 CET 2009

Michael Trimarchi wrote:
> - wifi
> - bluetooth
> - gsm call
> - suspend with the same performance of the version 2

I've updated my previous "v2" rootfs in my SD card (I'm running Android
from µSD) to the v3... GSM doesn't seem so stable (I never had the
bouncing calypso issue) like with the v2, but I've tested it really in
few situations (surely I never got an SMS with Android, while I was able
to make and answer a call :( ).

I've not tested bluetooth, but wifi is working like before both using a
pre-configured wpa_supplicant.conf and using the aKeyUi to set it from
the settings.

About suspension, it's not so usable... It goes to "sleep", then it
always resumes when there's a resume-event (I can understand it by the
"pfff" coming from the sound-card and that happens every time it turns
on), but it immediately goes to sleep again.
Sometimes I'm able to make it resume by pressing the power button a
little more...
I didn't look at the logs, but it seems that the problem resides in
android more than on the kernel; i.e. it's like if android would ask the
phone to go to sleep again, once it has been waked up. Maybe it simply
doesn't reset the his "event timeout variable" so as soon the phone has
been resumed, so it sends the "suspend" command, "thinking" that the
phone has not been "touched" for a long time...

Surely this is not a suspension issue, because if you set in the Dev
tools to deactivate the sleep-mode if the usb is plugged on, then, every
time you ask the phone to resume from a deep-sleep with the usb-cable
in, it wakes up with no problems. That's why I think that this seems
more a "timeout" issue...


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