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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi all,
| Can anybody please give answer to my question.I sending mails from last
| 3-4 weeks but nobdy is replying.
| Please can anybody tell me abt usb console in u-boot for
| smdk2440(arm920t).I taken code from openmoko site i.e usbdcore_s3c2440.c
| which is still not working for me.I am getting errors in "dmesg" i.e
| "device descriptor error".

Sorry we don't support smdk2440 directly.

But, can you clarify your question a bit?  Is it U-Boot issue or Linux
issue since you mention dmesg?  Or both?

There is a nasty bug in 2442 seen in U-Boot that if you delay responding
to USB interrupt for some time, because your code blocks it for example,
then the USB connection enters what I christened "insane spam mode".

You can easily see if this has happened, because IIRC even a
disconnected USB connection will then have very fast and constant edges
on it at ~12Mbps or so IIRC.

So check with a 'scope if this sounds like the issue.

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