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Thu Jan 15 18:54:46 CET 2009

Cédric Berger wrote:
> Does "Home" action work ?
> I ask because software keyboard "Home" did not, and because of this
> discussion :
> In terms of usablitiy I think "Home" action would better be mapped on
> "Aux" long press. (and "back" only on release after short press). (and
> it is also what Aux" long press does in Qtopia)

I do agree. Long AUX press should be used as Home.

I'd suggest to use also this Phone.apk version [1].
As stated here [2], it simply contains also an hack to use the power
(menu) button to answer to a call.

I've tried it and it works quite well, you've just to press the power
button for something like 500ms to send the "answer" code; if you
release it too early you send the call in background but (and you can
take it back using the notification bar) but it's an huge improvement
against the current way (Press power -> [switch to "phone keypad"] ->
press green phone).

Maybe you could ask the author (Yann neveu) his original patch, but I
figure that it's quite easy to write...


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