Isn't Wifi supposed to be off by default?

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Thu Jan 15 19:22:50 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| cc> What loads the ar6000 module on resume?
| By the way, not for resume, but for boot: if we live in the forest and
| thus have no use for WLAN (or GSM, we intend to use the GTA02v6 only
| as a PDA) and don't do anything to enable WLAN in all our Debian
| startup scripts, can we pass the kernel a parameter via Qi, saying
| that "I understand that I hereby give up the chance to use WLAN until
| next reboot, but I want to save the very last drop of power", e.g.,
| Way way back in Message-ID: <49513051.4060304 at> we saw:
| < Basically, WLAN is turned on when system is up. It's hardcoded in
| < I'm not sure why it looks like that. I suppose WLAN is in lowest state
|> It's like that because at least until the change to mainline SDIO stack,
|> there was no way to get the WLAN device recognized after boot otherwise.

This situation has changed for the better a bit in that the WLAN stack
is now in modules.

When the rfkill thing finally arrives we will rip out the bogus /sys for
WLAN control and have it kept in its powered-up state by default; if
that's no good for lowest power then we'll have to bring it up, tell it
to go to lowest power mode and then take it down again.

So we will end up with WLAN in lowest power state by default one way or
the other.

- -Andy

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