Isn't Wifi supposed to be off by default?

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Thu Jan 15 21:43:22 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> That'd be worthwhile, great.  I think someone looked at this in .tw
|> about a year ago but I never really read about what they found.
| Didn't you do some suspend current measurements early last year ?
| Do you remember how far down you could go ?

What was "normal" in suspend was between 5 - 10mA on average with GSM
side up.  If you leave GSM side down, Allen went all the way to ~2mA.

|> Glamo is also permanently powered anyway, but it doesn't take 145 mA :-)
| Naw, when I throw a crowbar in its general direction, I get up to
| 40mA. (The crowbar being  poke 0x48000000 0x22119190  to ignore
| nWAIT, then  gpio j5=0  to hold the Glamo in reset.)

Fine, but it shouldn't be doing video at suspend time, so it's not the

| # cut USB power
| pmu 0x49=3
| 					300.72mA 300.89mA 300.98mA  0.075mA

Hm this is abnormal already, 300mA.

| # WLAN reset
| gpio j12 j12=0
| 		>1
| 					165.19mA 165.59mA 166.28mA  0.294mA

This didn't do much, maybe a bit suspicious.

| pmu 0x15 0x15=0
| 		0x00
| 					165.34mA 165.50mA 165.80mA  0.144mA
| # GSM reset
| gpio b5 b5=1
| 					165.24mA 165.40mA 165.55mA  0.102mA

Again it doesn't do much.

| # suspend
| echo mem >/sys/power/state
| 					103.22mA 103.26mA 103.31mA  0.024mA

Suspend is doing stuff anyway.

Maybe pop the WLAN module physically to rule that out?

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