Isn't Wifi supposed to be off by default?

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Fri Jan 16 05:00:03 CET 2009


Werner Almesberger wrote:
> If you remove s3cmci.ko, then it does that. If you only remove
> ar6000.ko, then the driver will still keep the bus powered and
> the clock running (it's the latter that makes the difference).
> That's the 17mW again.
> Suspend also takes down the MMC driver, so it gets the best power
> saving, no matter what else has been done.
  Well, just a basic doubt here. What about all of us that run their
distributions off the mmc card? In such cases, removing ar6000.ko wont
really help much since the clock would keep running.

  Is it at all possible to cut power to the WLAN module while the s3cmci.ko
is inserted or is that a hardware implementation we need to live with?

 Which would mean that a distribution running off the NAND flash would be
(currently) better at power consumption.
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