New Android Phone.apk

Michael Trimarchi trimarchi at
Sun Jan 18 00:42:46 CET 2009


Gothnet wrote:
> Hi again, please ignore last email, problem seems to have cured itself...
> My verdict has now changed from "Quietly hopeful" to "Holy Moley!
> Impressive!"
> I've had a play with it and managed to get wifi scanning and connecting only
> remaining problem I can see there is there's no way to enter a network key,
> so I opened my network for a while. I'm sure there's a command-line way to
> get past this, but I'll wait for now.
> I got email up and talking to my home mail server, excellent. Web browsing
> also works.
> GPS now switches on  fine and, using AndNav 2 I was able to get a
> near-instant fix and my location displayed on a map.
> I've been able to make and receive calls without resorting to the keyboard.
> Wow!
Thank's a lot but we must move quickly for a new version, that fix other 
The next step is update the kernel with the last andy-tracking git. Work 
on the
console system and test the possibily to reduce power consumation wifi, 
etc as I read
. Investigate the suspend/resume and optimize it. Fix the bootup time 
for a speed up of the
> Only negative so far is the network key entry thing. Haven't really played
> around with suspend/resume or bluetooth.
> Otherwise it looks  like I might be able to start using my FR as a daily
> phone again soon, and for all sorts of other things. This is great :)
> Does GPRS work, and if so, how?
I never tested.


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