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Sun Jan 18 01:22:03 CET 2009

Michael Trimarchi wrote:
> Thank's a lot but we must move quickly for a new version, that fix other 
> things.
> The next step is update the kernel with the last andy-tracking git. Work 
> on the
> console system and test the possibily to reduce power consumation wifi, 
> etc as I read
> . Investigate the suspend/resume and optimize it. Fix the bootup time 
> for a speed up of the
> system.

Yeah, since then I have had a few more problems -
Coming back from suspend is unreliable
You need to manually create the /system/etc/wifi directory to get wifi going
Something in the process of setting up encrypted wifi, AndNav2 and putting a
few icons on the main screen, booting breaks. It gets to the android logo
and every 30 seconds or so starts it up again. The logcat output then
contains lots of null pointer exceptions. ( I can provide the logs if anyone
wants them).

But still, looking really good.
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