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c_c cchandel at
Sun Jan 18 17:14:26 CET 2009

  +1 for using this thread. The kernel has improved (rkkill for one) since
the work for getting android running started. And, android is another
distribution for the freerunner - even if it is not really FOSS.
  Well, I'm really impressed with the new android images. I had installed
the original sean images - but seeing as they needed a lot of work had not
followed the progress till now.
  Currently I'm running android in an ext3 partition all by itself. I have
the following observations :-
  1.  Suspend works
  2.  Wake from suspend is a little kludgy - but works like 1 in 3 times (2
presses on the power button)
  3.  GSM is fine now - but the call volume is on the lower side
  4.  The new Phone.apk makes answering calls really simple
  5.  SIM access is still not working. I can't import my contacts and read
  6.  Haven't tried WLAN or GPS yet.
  7.  Can't play music (mp3 or ogg)
  8.  Pictures crashes
  9.  Can't set ringtones or notification sound

  BTW wake on incoming call is quite OK. Seems like things are progressing
quite fine. 

  Does anyone have any insght into getting any of the above going?
  On another note, can you (Michael Trimarchi) post your andorid kernel
config on your blog/here? Is the kernel a standard andy-tracking one?

  I am currently using this as my main phone (while waiting for FSO to get
working again) and if only I could get access to my sim contacts / sms's I
would probably install this on my friends phones too :-)

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