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"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Sun Jan 18 20:28:18 CET 2009

Cédric Berger wrote:
> suspend/resume is still not really ok, but somehow works.

Me too... It resumes only if I press the AUX button after few ms from
when I've pressed the power button :o

> I have to shutdown wifi, then on again, for it to reassociate correctly.

I guess this is not an Android issue, but a wifi-itself issue. Since our
"beloved" wifi chip :P seems not to re-associate easily [to a different
AP?!?] without resetting it.
So like on other distros there's the "modprobe -r ar6k && modprobe ar6k"
(or echoing something to the wlan sys node
wokaround, in Android we have to do the same...

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