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Sun Jan 18 21:24:05 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> There is also Koolu forum, but I think it is better to have it on an
|> Openmoko list, just like other distributions
| Yes, the devel list is a fine place -- but in as much as a lot of the
| issues being discussed in the original thread were, in fact,
| kernel-related, I have absolutely no problem with the original thread
| continuing on the kernel list.

Me either... sooner or later discussion of broken-ness on Android
support will definitely come back on-topic for better or worse.  It has
cheered me up though that vast bulk of issues so far are in the Android
rootfs side.

If there is any broken-ness around suspend, please describe fully what
happens, and if you have a debug board, try to press AUX and get a
backtrace in event of freeze.

- -Andy
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