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Mon Jan 19 04:28:54 CET 2009

c_c wrote:
> Hi,
> Gothnet wrote:
>> WLAN seems to need you to go in using adb shell to create a
>> /data/misc/wifi directory. 
> OK. Done that. Will try this out and post. Dont we / Can't we have a wiki
> page that tells all?

Well, I think we should have, but... Who does it? :P

>  Also - I seem to be consuming 1/8th more power as in FSO during suspend.
> (about 12% in 7 hrs in Andriod as compared to 12% in 8 hrs in FSO) The
> init.rc script switches on both GSM and GPS. Is that the cause? Does GPS
> need to be on from init? Doesn't the Enable GPS Satellites switch on GPS?

The gps chip should be turned off on suspend anyway (if not set), maybe
this could be due to the ril library that we don't know if sends the
modem in a sleep state...

>  In addition to all this - can't we have some option of installing adition
> libraries to plat mp3/ogg etc?

I think that this could be done simply changing a build parameter
(BUILD_WITH_PV) in the freerunner configuration file.

> Also - Alarm doesn't work for me. I can add a new alarm - but selecting the
> alarm gets me back to the main alarm screen.

Never tried yet :P

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