Android mailing list?

thomasg thomas at
Mon Jan 19 10:23:51 CET 2009

I'm sorry that I have to reopen the initial discussion here, but like
always this thread totally drifted away.
It was about moving the android-specific stuff to some other place,
now it went to user-reports what doesn't work in android and so on...

I have to agree with Paul, the kernel mailinglist is the totally wrong
place for your stuff. I'm not in the position to tell you what to do,
either, however: the different mailinglists are there to limit the
traffic of the OM lists to topics that are interesting for the
audience. So I read kernel and devel to not have to bother with closed
source android binaries, user reports about distro bugs and so on.

Android is a distro, right, so (as there is no more distro-devel) the
devel mailinglist is the right place for android development
questions. Please move your threads to there, kernel is not the right
User-reports of minor flaws and features that are not directly
relevant for development have their place on the community list,
please move your threads to there, kernel is not the right place.
Distributing links of 3rd party closed source android binaries have no
development character, use the community list, or own
lists/forums/blogs for this, kernel is not the right place.

No question that android development work can (and already has)
improve(d) the kernel - but that does not mean that this makes the
kernel mailinglist the right place for anything related to android.

So may I please ask to use my suggestions to get the traffic to where
it should be - what is not the kernel mailinglist.

Thanks in advance,


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