[PATCH] fix GPS resume if powered on previously

Vladimir Koutny vlado at moko.ksp.sk
Mon Jan 19 11:43:51 CET 2009

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Andy Green wrote:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | Fix re-enabling of GPS on resume: the call to gps_pwron_set(0) during
> suspend
> | would clear power_was_on flag so the on/off status was always lost.
> As you predicted neither of these patches will apply after Werner's patch.
> What is the value of allowing leaving GPS up in suspend, this is just so
> you don't have to wait out the TTFF again?  Is there a particular
> scenario someone will select this option?

Yes, instant fix on resume. The power consumption of the GPS is not that big
and there are people who prefer instant fix on resume to a bit longer battery
lifetime (geocachers would agree - you can safely let the phone suspend and
still have exacpt position on resume (this could even lead to longer lifetime
in the end)).

Additionally you can get a fix when you walk inside - which probably won't
work otherwise.

> Also, although it sounds right we should repower GPS on resume if it was
> powered before, it will lose state like selection of the binary format
> and so on when it recovers.  So it will need some support for this in
> userspace somehow.

That's right - but until there is such tool in all distros... (on the other
hand - how many apps do use anything else than NMEA? :)


> -Andy
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