New Kernel Version v3

Michael Trimarchi trimarchi at
Mon Jan 19 20:27:15 CET 2009

Version based on the last andy-tracking

commit 0afddaa588f2a43a02b4ed286629b53c1d16ad0b
Author: merge <null at invalid>
Date: Mon Jan 19 01:18:14 2009 +0000

pending-tracking-hist top was MERGE-via-stable-tracking-fix-pcap7200-touchsc
From: merge <null at invalid>

stable-tracking-hist top was fix-pcap7200-touchscreen-filte / e053b5719609de
From: Andy Green <andy at>

pcap7200 driver also uses our filter chain stuff now, so it needed a little
fixup when the includes moved for upstream

Signed-off-by: Andy Green <andy at>

To boot the new kernel you must change the u-boot enviroment variable
because the image is quite big. You can do that using the usb console.
I remove in bootargs the tty0 console but I compile it in the kernel.
I don't have flickering

- uImage-v5 openmoko freerunner gta02 image
- filesystem-v5.jffs2 android support


- wifi (fix initialization)
- bluetooth
- gsm call


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