usb connection crashes Windows

Cédric Berger cedric.berger74 at
Mon Jan 19 22:12:54 CET 2009

This is something I have had for some times with Android, and it looks
like it is the case since using kernel 2.6.28 . ( see also

-> I had installed ADB driver for android on windows XP. It did not
work because android image was not made the same way, but it allowed
at least windows to recognize the device and feed it with 500mA

But after an update (and it was probably after flashing 2.6.28
kernel), now as soon as I plug the Neo on usb, Windows XP immediatly
reboots. I tried all I could to remove the driver but I still cannot
connect my phone to windows....

Any idea about what it can come from ?
I will have to try with another distro... (it still works with qtopia,
but this one has not been updated for a while).

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