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Mon Jan 19 22:22:12 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
| This is something I have had for some times with Android, and it looks
| like it is the case since using kernel 2.6.28 . ( see also
| )
| -> I had installed ADB driver for android on windows XP. It did not
| work because android image was not made the same way, but it allowed
| at least windows to recognize the device and feed it with 500mA
| But after an update (and it was probably after flashing 2.6.28
| kernel), now as soon as I plug the Neo on usb, Windows XP immediatly
| reboots. I tried all I could to remove the driver but I still cannot
| connect my phone to windows....
| Any idea about what it can come from ?
| I will have to try with another distro... (it still works with qtopia,
| but this one has not been updated for a while).

Wild guess is USB Ethernet / RNDIS changes in the kernel... another way
it could conceivably do bad things is if somehow 1A charging mode was
enabled, and it's crashing the PC, but I doubt that's it.

It hasn't being generally crashing Linux machines, I guess it's a bug in
the driver on XP side somewhere.

- -Andy

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