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Tue Jan 20 00:06:16 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
| Andy Green <andy at> writes:
|> | But after an update (and it was probably after flashing 2.6.28
|> | kernel), now as soon as I plug the Neo on usb, Windows XP immediatly
|> | reboots. I tried all I could to remove the driver but I still cannot
|> | connect my phone to windows....
|> Wild guess is USB Ethernet / RNDIS changes in the kernel... another way
|> it could conceivably do bad things is if somehow 1A charging mode was
|> enabled, and it's crashing the PC, but I doubt that's it.
| I confirm it's a kernel issue. Windows RNDIS is definetely buggy, but
| the kernel driver is wrong also. See
| . After
| applying this patch as well as the one mentioned in the thread later
| and the second patch from this series, i can confirm that my
| co-worker's windows machine no longer crashes. Networking still
| doesn't work though.

Nice find Paul... I sent the two patches from that thread on
pending-tracking and rebased andy-tracking, but I didn't find the third.
~ If you can send a pointer I'll add it tomorrow.

Thanks for the hint.

- -Andy
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