[PATCH] RFC: don't aggravate kernel panics

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Tue Jan 20 16:35:41 CET 2009

Andy Green wrote:
> You just repeated exactly what you quoted from what I wrote :-)

Ah, okay ;-) I wasn't quite sure if you meant just a normal reboot
or still something a littlw special.

> It'd be enough if it displays it and saves it to SD Card where it can be
> recovered at will, it's a long way ahead of where we are today if the
> user doesn't have a debug board.  It also covers the case where Qi can't
> start due to rootfs issue, the kernel will panic and the user can see why.

Yup, sounds good. And anything that helps to debug a Qi setup will
certainly save everyone lots of pain.

> But we should set a flag or erase the panic dump after dumping it once,
> otherwise if the backup rootfs has trouble it'll just loop :-)

Hmm, besides the general undesirability of encountering trouble in
your backup as well, why would that be a problem ? Or do you mean
to check in Qi if there's a message and make this affect the boot
choices ?

- Werner

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