GTA02 architecture question

Sven 'sleipnir' Rebhan odinshorse at
Mon Jan 26 20:27:27 CET 2009

Hello everybody,

I try to build the kernel with a custom config and found:
arch/arm/mach-s3c2442/built-in.o:(.data+0x6c): undefined reference to

The error is due to the fact that CONFIG_S3C2410_CLOCK is not
selected. So far so good. Now I looked on why the option is not
selected and found the following situation:

- The option CONFIG_S3C2410_CLOCK is selected for all archs S3C24(10|40|42).

    sven at Fafnir ~/Freerunner/kernel/linux/arch/arm $ grep -r
S3C2410_CLOCK */Kconfig
    mach-s3c2410/Kconfig:   select S3C2410_CLOCK
    mach-s3c2440/Kconfig:   select S3C2410_CLOCK
    mach-s3c2442/Kconfig:   select S3C2410_CLOCK
    plat-s3c24xx/Kconfig:config S3C2410_CLOCK

- The newer GTA02 is in the S3C2440 submenu, but selects CPU_S3C2442.
- If I save the options CONFIG_S3C2410_CLOCK is _not_ defined!
- If I select the "old" GTA02 and thus CPU_S3C2440,
CONFIG_S3C2410_CLOCK _is_ defined!

Furthermore the GTA02 files reside in mach-s3c2410 and mach-s3c2440
but not in mach-s3c2442. So my question is WTF is wrong here?

Best regards,

    Sven, really confused

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