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Mon Jan 26 21:05:11 CET 2009

Hi @all,

I finally got my selfcompiled kernel 2.6.28 to work using Qi. It took me a while to find out I have to mount the rootfs rw from the very beginning. And I played around with some other things like gps in the meanwhile...

Now I'm ready to start. I read the joystick documentation and the data format used for these devices seems quite similar to those used for the accelerator devices. So the transformation is likely to be a simple coord transformation like used in CAD applications with perhaps some additional interpretation. Here we have an additional problem to determine the "zero" Position for all axis, which can change over time - I'm shure this can be solved.

As there are different types of games requesting steering-wheel like controls and "normal" joystick controls I suggest offering several device files to offer this functionality.

I would like to use the aux-button as a joystick button, if possible. How can I access this in kernel space? The joystick kernel api offers a device abstraction interface I would apreciate to use.



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