force usb charge current

Cédric Berger cedric.berger74 at
Tue Jan 27 18:36:37 CET 2009

I can force charge current to 100mA / 500mA / 1A  via

.. but I find it a bit too coarse grained...

Is it possible to set allowed current to arbitrary value, or at least
350mA or 750mA ?

I have several 5V car chargers rated at 350mA .
100mA is not even enough for the Freerunner to run without emptying
the battery, and 500mA is more than my chargers would like....
Asking for 500mA on a 350mA car charger should work, but ... not
really "safe". (though I had a charger short circuited because of
damaged cable, and it never complained...)

Also 750mA would be good. (I have also seen chargers at about this
value if I remember well). So that we can have a bit more than 500mA.
1A is quite a lot...

And I think I would not care too much forcing 750mA on a desktop PC...
but 1A is quite high (though I have been successfull using this to
fast charge sometimes)
(anyway I have already seen external hard drives requesting more than
500mA. And so they did not work on laptops...)

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