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Wed Jan 28 18:49:32 CET 2009

Nelson Castillo wrote:
>> I'm saying this after that I've tested the touchscreen behavior writing
>> with the Illume keyboard.
> I think the the illume keyboard does dictionary correction[1] and I
> think it is not OK to to compare the TS code with this app that
> already accounts for wrong taps being reported. Right?

Well, I know that using a keyboard is not the best testing-bench, but I
wanted to express my opinion about the real usability of this driver.
And since I think that the on-screen-keyboard is one of the most excited
applications by touchscreen (you need to tap on it very quickly without
using too much power), I've decided to use it to perform my usability tests.
However, the Illume keyboard accounts for wrong taps (i.e.: tries to fix
unknown written words), but doesn't filter any click! So also if you're
writing an unknown word all your clicks are registered.
This happens with the stable kernel, with the andy tracking if I try to
write quickly words like "accessorio" (that has some "double" chars and
that requires many close clicks on the left side of a qwerty keyboard),
I fail since only few clicks are considered (it's like if the word would
be long only about 7 chars).

>> I'm mainly using a stable kernel that after the inclusion of the patches
>> "palliate_touch_screen_jitter.patch" [2] and "soft_tap.patch" [3] is
>> really very precise and usable.
> Just FYI what these patches implement is still there (but with
> different code due to changed logic).

Ok, I figured it. I just said that to underline what made the difference
in the stable kernel.


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