[PATCH 0/3] Make the touchscreen filtering optional.

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at 3v1n0.net
Thu Jan 29 00:36:21 CET 2009

Andy Green wrote:
> Today we had Marco telling us specifically that 2.6.28 touchscreen
> filtering arrangements made things slow for him.  But, when we looked
> closer, it seems the keyboard code itself can be broken and slow (I gave
> a link to the thread on Community list) and we did not nail down that
> there was any problem with our existing arrangements, he didn't reply
> yet about tests with the python script so we can isolate the slowness to
> the keyboard or the touchscreen filter action.  It also turned out he's
> running a unique old build of stable-tracking (not recommended anyway)
> with a bunch of patches ripped out.

Sorry I didn't try yet your suggested image. Today has been very busy
for me and I had to use the spare time for some webkit/efl tests,
however I want to remark here that the "slowness" I saw in my tests with
the keyboard aren't related to the Illume keyboard slowness in looking
up the dictionary.
This is a bug that is completely illume related and that doesn't affect
my experience in any way (since I'm using a very small dictionary, and
also because that bug doesn't cause to ignore the taps, only it makes
the words-search very slow [i.e.: every tap is taken anyway, also if
takes longer to be analyzed]). As add on, I'm using the same rootfs for
my tests (i.e. the same illume version and configuration).

I neither think that the new kernel is slower in analyzing the
touchscreen events. Simply it uses too strong filters imho.

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