Touchscreen filters in andy-tracking...

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Thu Jan 29 04:20:03 CET 2009

Nelson Castillo wrote:
> Marco, can you test with to check if you clicks/double
> clicks are OK?

I've tested the latest kernel that andy linked me with the Well, clicks and double-clicks seems to work if they're
not so close.
The main usability problem (that, sorry, I can just verify when typing
with the on-screen keyboard) happens when I do soft and quick clicks in
a small region (i.e. type with quickly with your tumbstone a word like
"poi", "www", "sad"... I generally get only some of the chars written
[for a 3-chars word, generally I get only two - the first and the last

It seems that the first click is sent correctly, but then the release
event is not given properly (so practically, in the test above it's sent
when I type the second char that is obliviously ignored).

Btw let me us know better what I should verify with since
I only can reproduce the behavior I've experienced with the keyboard
(and also that if I do many quick soft clicks in the bottom of the
screen, it happens that some clicks are sent to the middle of the screen
- maybe we could avoid this by blocking too-rapid-clicks that are
too-far-from the previous :P)


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