Touchscreen filters in andy-tracking...

Nelson Castillo nelsoneci at
Thu Jan 29 09:06:21 CET 2009

> It seems that the first click is sent correctly, but then the release
> event is not given properly (so practically, in the test above it's sent
> when I type the second char that is obliviously ignored).

Yes, it can happen if the second click happens in less than 60
milliseconds. Are you that fast? The illume keyboard also has some
inertia and this can make things worse => I could reproduce your
problems typing "sad". I reduced this interval to about 15ms and
things work better => I can type "sad" now with no (or much less)

Thanks a lot for your tests. I'll prepare a patch and it would be nice
if you help us testing again (I can provide the patch and a compiled
kernel). If you do not have trouble typing "sad" with this new kernel,
I hope you can type "happy" and send a screenshot to us :-)

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