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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> How big does the kernel alone build with that config?
| If I disable initramfs, it's 0.88 MB. I stopped ripping out

Not bad.

I've been heading towards being able to mass-build different configs on
a new multicore build machine here.  Various changes need making but
it's coming in sight now.

So I added this config to the tree as


and I'll try to maintain it along with the growing number of configs...
but the mass-build thing should ease the burden.

The initramfs business causes the build to die

~  /projects/openmoko/kernel/linux-2.6/scripts/
Cannot open '/home/moko/

so I nipped it out, I think we should use a small rootfs anyway.

| things when the build problems reached the 90% of additional
| effort for 10% better results point. We should continue this
| cleanup at some point in time, though. Any such build
| problems are real bugs after all.

Yeah.  But the priority is zero until there's a use case for, eg, GTA02
build without Glamo or whatever.

Anyway this mini config is good to have at 800K it's 1/3 of the
moredrivers build.  I guess it should get pulled in about a second or so.

What we need next then is a modest static or small set of lib dependency
app or script that does the actual menu and touchscreen action.

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