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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Petr Vanek wrote:
|> would there be some space somewhere in the u-boot or kernel space of
|> the flash for such a small image together with kernel so we would not
|> have to keep it in rootfs or on the card?
| The kernel partition in the GTA02 NAND is huge - a whole 8 MB.
| So there's indeed more than enough space for it. You just have
| to find some policy for sharing the space.

I started writing that reply a bit before you, but I stopped to have a
think about what is a good policy here.

Qi itself is an unasked-for prototype really on GT02, it was actually
done for GTA03.  Likewise, our take on doing the backup rootfs needs to
consider GTA03.

On GTA03 the backup rootfs will also come off the SD Card as a normal

So while it makes sense for speed on GTA02 to think about putting it in
NAND, it's not the path we want to use going on.

We also have the situation that existing packages will update the NAND
kernel in the old way.  I did some work on a backup kernel at +4MB in
this partition before and it seemed to work out OK.

So if we are going to complicate our lives by insisting to put the
backup fs in NAND for GTA02, we should make an ext2 filesystem at +4MB
in the kernel partition, with its backup kernel inside that filesystem.
~ That's the least distance between this for GTA02 and what is wanted for

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