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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi Andy/Werner,
| As far as I have seen from the threads,
| We are going to use QI fully burying U-boot.
| Assumptions:
| So, Bootloader going to be used is: Qi
| Method to switch between distros: Not AUX button
| 			(with vibrate indication)

Actually nobody is pushing Qi for GTA02, Qi was done for GTA03 and it's
a side-effect it was prototyped and available on GTA02.

| 1) If bootloader is going to be Qi and if we have multiple distros in SD
| card
| (and if we are going to use Menu option for distro selection using a
| rootfs),
| then the first partition should contain the Kernel + minimal rootfs,
so that
| Qi can pull
| it and present to the user for selection. Otherwise, (say some other
| is present)
| user will not have an option to select. It straight away boots off
from the
| P2.
| Note: Qi checks for the kernel in SD card P1, P2, P3 and finally NAND.

Yeah or we can elect a button that brings up the menu rootfs, same as
holding AUX on boot forces NOR menu.

| So it mandates the SD P1 to contain Kernel + minimal rootfs.
| 2) Also, the above case works well if the SD contains Kernel + minimal
| rootfs

I think it should be in its own little partition and rootfs.  Then it's
insulated from outrages like /etc/fstab getting deleted, etc, and there
is no clash between /bin /usr etc.  You can format the main rootfs and
still get the recovery one.

| of Qi to look into NAND first and then SD P1, P2 and P3. Will that be
| possible?

I think most times, people don't want a boot menu, they want the default
action to be straight into the normal rootfs.  So holding down power
button say can divert it into backup rootfs and a menu OK.

- -Andy
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