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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> So if we are going to complicate our lives by insisting to put the
|> backup fs in NAND for GTA02, we should make an ext2 filesystem at +4MB
|> in the kernel partition, with its backup kernel inside that filesystem.
| One problem with putting ext2 on bare NAND is that you have to create
| the file system around back blocks. So now you get a device-specific
| file system and can't just copy a pre-made binary image over.

Yeah... but it's not proposed for GTA03 to use NAND.

If people use it on GTA02, it's elective and nobody said it'll work on
100% of GTA02.

But, from what I have seen it looks like it will work on very nearly
almost all GTA02, since bad blocks seem to be very rare in the whole
flash device let alone just in that place.

So I think this is acceptable, backup filesystem on SD should work fine

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