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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
| Andy Green <andy at> writes:
|> Actually nobody is pushing Qi for GTA02, Qi was done for GTA03 and it's
|> a side-effect it was prototyped and available on GTA02.
| Don't you think that in this case somebody from OM should support and
| fix u-boot (large SD cards, better default environment settings to be
| able to load large kernels, etc)?
| As far as i understand, u-boot for GTA02 can be called unmaintained at
| the moment, so either somebody should maintain it or you should push
| for Qi. IMHO.

U-Boot is actually in a reasonable state of completeness by its standards.

There's also the issue that stuff we do in NAND U-Boot cannot conflict
with the now unchangeable NOR U-Boot idea of things (partition names,
placement, dynparts, bad block scheme) too much.

If someone wants to do a one-liner to modify the default env to allow
pulling larger kernels, it won't get turned down.

Same if someone wants to backport the improvements I did in Qi glamo-mci
for SDHC to U-Boot... someone already backported my ext2 bugfix (and
speedup multiblock merge code IIRC too).

What I mean by nobody pushing Qi is there are no plans to go out and
convert everyone who has existing GTA02.  If people want to use it as
we've seen they'll get supported.  But in a conflict between needs of
GTA03 for driving Qi decisions and stuff specific to GTA02, what I am
saying is the GTA03 consideration should override or at least guide the
GTA02 stuff.

- -Andy

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