what is gpe & opie?

wei zheng loveheaven_zhengwei at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 1 22:01:45 CET 2009

Thank you very much!! You mean: OM2007.2 uses QPE, ASU/FSO uses OPIE, do

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Am Montag, den 02.03.2009, 04:05 +0800 schrieb wei zheng:
>          Would you please explain what is gpe & opie for me? What
> relationship do they have with ASU/FSO? 

GPE is a set of applications for mobile devices running X11 and Gtk+.
Opie is a set of applications for mobile devices running Qt/Embedded
2.x. Both are more or less dead.

FSO is a set of dbus-based services dedicated for mobile devices. It is
actively maintained.

ASU is the codename for the Openmoko distribution that shipped in August
2008. It is no longer maintained.

As for the relationship question... they're pretty much orthogonal.

Hope that helps,


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