Missing CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_PCF50633 Kconfig entry

Marc Andre Tanner openmoko at brain-dump.org
Tue Nov 10 00:50:21 CET 2009

Hi Lars,

I am testing the om-gta02-2.6.31 kernel branch -- nice work!

I noticed that CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_PCF50633 is not referenced in any Kconfig file 
but used in a Makefile.

$ grep -r CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_PCF50633 *
drivers/video/backlight/Makefile:obj-$(CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_PCF50633)       += pcf50633-backlight.o

This causes some problems for example if one wants to generate a miniconfig file
which contains only the minimal required options for use with: 

 make allnoconfig KCONFIG_ALLCONFIG="miniconfig"

The script which generates those miniconfig files uses the standard build infrastructure
and it's dependency information from the various Kconfig files but because there is no
entry found the option is dropped which results in a build failure. 

Could you please add an entry or a select statement for CONFIG_BACKLIGHT_PCF50633 to 
the apropriate Kconfig file?


 Marc Andre Tanner >< http://www.brain-dump.org/ >< GPG key: CF7D56C0

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