Renaming of devices in 2.6.31

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Mon Nov 23 03:31:21 CET 2009

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Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
> On 23.11.2009 02:17, Lars-Peter Clausen wrote:
>> Mike Westerhof wrote:
>>> Lars-Peter Clausen wrote:
>>>> Mike Westerhof wrote:
>>>>> This is all quite ridiculous -- so in addition to having to
>>>>>  know the underlying machine (gta01 vs gta02), now
>>>>> userspace has to know what kernel version?  So all
>>>>> userspace apps now have to have a huge nested case
>>>>> structure to select the correct sysfs interface, based on
>>>>> the machine and the kernel version as well.
>>>> The second person who apparently missed pattern...
>>>> "*::vibrator"
>>> Not missed at all -- a) that is a but a single example, and in
>>> the general case it doesn't scale, and b) it still results in
>>> user-space needing to be changed to work with the new kernel,
>>> for no reason other than kernel "pretty-ness".
>> Oh boy... If your distro wants to ship 2.6.31 then it should add
>> an initscript creating a softlink.
> Did you know that Linus himself has declared that kernel upgrades
> should not break userspace regardless of how twisted, buggy or
> crappy the userspace is? Even if the userspace in question relies
> on an undocumented kernel bug, fixing that kernel bug has to happen
> in a way that won't break userspace assumptions. LKML archives have
> the flamewar from a few weeks ago in all its beauty. A few other
> mails from Linus (different threads, much older) state that a
> kernel upgrade should not break an installed distribution.
> Just FYI.
> Regards, Carl-Daniel
Yes I did.

- - Lars
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