A touchscreen driver has been posted upstreams

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Tue Nov 24 16:43:47 CET 2009

Nelson Castillo wrote:
> What I understood from this thread is that filtering has to be done in
> user-space and that drivers should send unfiltered sets of points at a
> higher rate.

... or that you (or someone) has to prove clearly that this is one
of the things you can't do properly in user space, e.g., because
the processing required would exceed the systems's capabilities.

Of course, and this is a bit catch 22, the best way to prove this
is to try to make it work in user space, do all the optimizations
and improvements on the kernel side that may be necessary to help
user space work better and more efficiently, and then see if the
results are acceptable.

Even if it should turn out that user space can handle the task
adequately, this wouldn't mean that the work done so far would be
wasted. The in-kernel implementation can serve as a benchmark.
Also, I think the reasoning behind the filter design is sound, so
they would merely have to be transplanted into user space.

- Werner

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