Openmoko Bug #2317: [gta01] no fast charge when booting with usb cable plugged in

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#2317: [gta01] no fast charge when booting with usb cable plugged in
    Reporter:  josch            |        Owner:  openmoko-kernel
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Changes (by joerg):

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 precharge seems to be a valid state of PMU charger state machine.
 It's a short initial state to test cell status and to ramp up to whatever
 charge mode is specified for the "real" charge process.
 I assume it is from MBCMOD in register MBCS2 (4Ch), which has
 3:0 mbcmod R main MBC operating modes and charge phases
              0000: Play Only mode
              0001: USB Precharge phase        <<<
              0010: USB Precharge Wait phase   <<<
              0011: USB Fast Charge phase
              0100: USB Fast Charge wait phase
              0101: USB suspend mode
              0110: adapter Precharge phase
              0111: adapter Precharge Wait phase
              1000: adapter Fast Charge phase
              1001: adapter Fast Charge wait phase
              1010: Battery Full mode
              1011: Halt mode


 I don't know if this is somewhat aggregated with MBCC5 (47h)
 7:0 fstchgcur2 R/W fast charge current level in USB Fast Charge phase;
 value, to form the /sys/class/i2c-
 adapter/i2c-0/0-0008/pcf50606-mbc/charge_mode state.

 Anyway usually it schould switch to normal charging after a short while,
 PCF50633UM2.00.pdf: Functional description of charger controller Charging phases Precharge phases
 >"" Precharging with a constant current continues until the battery
 voltage reaches the
 conditioned voltage level (Vbatcond). For a Li-Ion battery, Vbatcond is
 typically 2.7 V.""


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