Boot Time Optimization

Petr Vanek vanous at
Sun Jan 10 17:59:08 CET 2010

>Another idea would be to add the flash partition as a 'static' entry in
>the menu and just mount it once the user presses the coresponding menu
>entry. It would still take ages to mount but not for the case where you
>want to boot from the sd card. However at this point we might find out
>that there is no kernel stored in flash so we had an item in the list
>which in fact doesn't work. Anyway because I personally use different
>systems on the sd card I just disabled autodetection of NAND for now. 

i think the idea behind the menu is that it needs to be fast. not
sure what the best solution is... how long does the current autodetect
of uSD partitiojs takes? couple of ways i see it:

* autodetect during startup all but NAND (current situation)
-no nand

- autodetect all on startup
+ all systems
- slow

* have the NAND option as a fixed item + autodetect uSD on startup
+ fast
+ all systems
- nand system could be not present, so item not working for some people

there are more combinations of the above...


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