kernel defconfig, debugging, preemption, and very noticeable speedups/ debugging

Gennady Kupava gb at
Tue Jan 12 14:12:34 CET 2010

В Втр, 12/01/2010 в 09:31 -0300, Werner Almesberger пишет:
> Gennady Kupava wrote:
> > here is test results for individual options many people wanted:
> Thanks a lot !
> To make sure I read this correctly: you ran each single-option test
> twice, "defconfig" four times, "nodebug" and "nopreempt" each three
> times, and "speed" twice, correct ?

this options run sequentally i mean, then second attempt done. in other
words, each line represents one run of lmbench, which represents all
options tested once. lmbench was configured once. no reboot between

in major cases (older tests) i run top afterwards to see if no alien
processes, but this really not need as such activity can be seen in
tests with 'same' data.

system for testing is almost default debian with xserver runnning with
matchbox, some tray app and no more programs.

some filesystem operations seem should be ignored (10k tests)

i run defconfig more times to get more error-proof data. where were 2 x
2 runs with reboot in between. similare to nodebug nd nopreempt.


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